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My Story

I grew up in a big field far out in the silence. One day big trucks drove up nearby. Many tents, several stages and a lot of technology was set up. A huge music festival was about to start in a few days and I was very fascinated by all the preparations.

When the festival started I heard from the distance incredibly many people approaching. Music started to sound from the speakers and I spotted a DJ on the stage. I shouted, "What is this guy doing? This energy and music is incredible. I want to do this too!"

I was amazed at everything that was going on at this festival and let the music flow through me. For many hours this went on and I noticed how I started to move more and more to the music.
Suddenly, a DJ yelled, "Stand up and dance!" At that point I definitely couldn't hold on any longer and an incredible energy flashed through me. There were flashes and sparks and suddenly I had a body!

I mingled with the festival-goers, danced and partied wildly and it wasn't long before a DJ caught sight of me and called me up on stage. It started a friendship with this DJ and in the following months I learned a lot from this DJ at events and at productions in the studios.
In the meantime I'm a lot in the studio producing my own songs and preparing for my first gigs as a DJ ...

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