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In a big field far out in the silence, Whitepumpkin grew up. One day big trucks drove up nearby. Many tents, several stages and a lot of technology was built up. A huge music festival was about to start in a few days and little Whitepumpkin was fascinated by all the preparations.

Today the festival starts! From the distance, Whitepumpkin heard an incredible number of people approaching. Music began to sound from the speakers and Whitepumpkin, who was already quite tall, caught sight of a DJ on a stage.
"What is this guy doing? This energy and music is amazing. I want to do this too!" the pumpkin yelled out across the field. "Forget it! You're a pumpkin and this is not for you!" the whole pumpkin field countered him.

This did not stop the white pumpkin from continuing to gaze at the DJ's on stage and let the music flow through him. This went on for many hours and Whitepumpkin noticed how he began to move more and more to the music.
Suddenly, a DJ yelled, "Stand up and dance!" At that point, the white pumpkin definitely couldn't hold on any longer and an incredible energy flashed through him. There was lightning and sparks and suddenly Whitepumpkin had a body!

Whitepumpkin mingled with the festival goers, dancing and partying boisterously and it wasn't long before a DJ spotted this special guest and called him on stage. A friendship began and in the following months Whitepumpkin learned a lot from this DJ on stage and during productions in the studios.

In the meantime, Whitepumpkin has released two songs, is on Spotify's "Beats of Tomorrow," was song of the day on a national radio station in Switzerland, and collaborated with dance superstar Klaas, among others. Worldwide, Whitepumpkin inspires people with his music and stories on Instagram and TikTok.

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